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The Leasing Process

Managing your property

Choosing a great real estate ageManaging Your Propertynt is a big decision, especially when it comes to managing a big asset.

A strong working relationship with your Property Manager and the agency team will help make your investment as trouble-free as possible.

There are many advantages to employing professionals to manage your property, the main advantage being the time saved, and the peace-of-mind knowing your investment is being managed professionally.

Before employing an agency and signing a Managing Agency Agreement, you should first check their reputation in the local area; find out how many properties they are managing, their ideas on property management and the systems that run their property management business.
The agency should have a complete and thorough understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act, Stock and Business Agents Act and the Strata Schemes Management Act. Their expertise and advice in this area will greatly reduce the risk of you breaching any of these Acts, protecting you from costly legal action or fines.

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